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Older type badge Buhi, Minnesota Police Patrolman. Standard police pin.
€ 65.00


Police Captains badge Frankfort, KY. Dept. issued badge, standard police pin, hallmarked Northeast Emblem & Badge Co. Custom seal.
€ 120.00


Dept. issued Worcester Co. Deputy Sheriff ID case badge w/wallet clip attachement. Hallmark G115 (Ga-Rel made).
€ 80.00


Deputy Sheriff Durham County, NC large cap device. Older Everson Ross made badge, same size as the breast badge. 2 scew posts on the back, worn in the 1960th
€ 75.00


Officers shield Ypsilanti, Michigan. Custom die badge, police pin, hallmark older GA-REL Mfg.
€ 95.00


Police Officer County of Nassau, officers second badge with lugs and overlarge safety pin
€ 75.00



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