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Pawtucket Rhode Island old style Patrolman´s shield. This was a repro of the police officer´s association; standard police pin.
€ 65.00


Old style Somerset Massachusetts Police Patrolman shield. Hallmark: GA-REL 2-90, standard police pin
€ 80.00


Milwaukee Michigan Police Sergeant. Custom die badge, hallmarked: U.S. Badge Company, standard police pin, shows wear.
€ 95.00  S O L D


Dept. issued Detroit police officers badge (was taken out of a old leather ID case and badge bears some nice patina onto back). Standard police pin on the back.
€ 185.00


Dept. issued La Fourche Parish Chief Deputy. Hallmark: GaRel 10-03
€ 125.00


Very rarely seen obsolete PA State Constable worn in the 1950th. Dept. issued
badge with bar pin. No hallmark, comes with matching shoulder patch
€ 90.00


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