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Patrolman Hanover MA Police Dept.  Nice issued badge of the 1960th
€ 90.00


Miles City Police, Montana. Hallmarked: Entenmann-Rovin. Badge shows some wear, chipped enamel (see picture). Standard police pin.
€ 135.00   S O L D


1960th Town of Bethlehem (New York) Police Officers badge. Standard police pin, hallrmarked: Blackinton Rho-Glo
€ 80.00  S O L D


Hanson Aux. Police worn in the 1950th/1960th. No hallmark but lettering hand stamped and hard fire eneamelled.
€ 70.00


Marion Police, MA Police Officer´s shield. Hallmark: Blackinton. Near new condition.
€ 80.00


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