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All Prices in EURO !


San Francisco Police Officers badge. Full size badge, made for a movie production with hallmark. Police pin attachement. Numbers starting with 12xx randomly available.
€ 70.00


LAPD  SWAT UNIT BADGE, police pin attachement, subdued, clear laquer coated
€ 65.00


1960th Coeur DÁlene Idaho Police Juvenile Officers badge set. No hallmark, but typical Hahn made. 
€ 110.00


1950th Coeur DÁlene Idaho Police Reserve RADIOMAN (Communication Officer) badge set. No hallmark, but typical Hahn made. 
€ 120.00


1950th/1960th Coeur DÁlene Idaho Police CORPORAL badge. No hallmark, standard police pin attachement. 
€ 80.00


1950th Coeur DÁlene Police Lieutenant cap device with screw post.
€ 45.00


West New York Police (NJ) Police Officer´s Badge set
€ 125.00   RESERVED


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