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Newburgh, New York Police Officer, very nice custom die reversed hard enamel badge, heavy duty police pin with safety catch. Hallmark: S & W
€ 65.00


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California Highway Patrol, full size badge, correct details, Hallmark: K & G 1/16 - 18KT G.P. (gold plated)
€ 120.00


San Francisco Police S.F.P.D. cap device, hallmark: Ervine & Jachens S.F.
€ 45.00


Beverly Hills Police, full size "egg style" badge. Hallmark: K&G, police pin attachement.

Badge is heavy and were made for shadow boxes.

Officer or Detective
€ 75.00 each


Deputy Sheriff Goshen Count, Wyoming, police pin attachement, 2-1/4" = 57.2mm in dia. Seal is part of the die and not applied
€ 45.00


New York State Police "STOP SIGN" badge. We do have several sets consisting of badges with same number but police pin attachement and wallet clip. Hallmark: L.B.A.
€ 55.00

Philadelphia Police Detective older issue with Braxmar Hallmark. Badge is gold clad with silvern findings on reverse. 
€ 90.00

CSI Miami - Miami Vice - Metro Dade County Police / Sheriff´s Office. This badges were made for the Metro Police Supply in Miami (now defunct) and badges were made by Donald S. Lavigne, Miami (defunct Manufacturer). However, this are not cheap repro badges and were made at that time where the lettering was hand stamped through the badge. The pin joint lookslike typical Blackinton.
Badges available with rank of Officer and Detective. Both versions with numbers. Metal has something like bell noise and not the "plopp" of repro badges.
€ 90.00 



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