We are physically moving the company and 
our service is not available from Nov. 29th  to Dec. 15th 2009... 


Dearest Customers,

our web pages are obsolete and  updates are being needed but no time to do...

Please excuse any unconvenience you might have during placing an order.

Please ask for badges being placed on the numbered pages they might being sold. LAPD and NYPD badges are always available.

Thank you very much!


This e-mail was closed due to thousands of Spams a day:


please use the link on left side or write to

WestendEmblems [at] t-online.de




Our web pages are offered to customers of the European countries where badges to own or to purchase is not restricted or prohibited.

Outside of Europe...
there might be restrictions onto badge deliveries. We do not deliver badges where it is forbidden to own them and we do not deliver any American badges to any country which is hostile to the U.S.A. ! Federal badges (if offered) are not available to the USA!

But, we are not able to know the complete laws all over the world and if you will being able to order a badge and it is forbidden to own that in your country or local area, you will buy it onto your own risk and, if deceased by any reason we will not repay you or ship any replacement!


A new Federal Law (HR 4827, Law #106-547), pertaining to badge possession,
collecting, and use went into effect on 12/19/2000. This law makes the shipping,
possession and use of CURRENT Police badges and Police badge REPLICAS a crime if they are used for any purpose other than the following:
(1) as a memento, or in a collection or exhibit;
(2) for decorative purposes;
(3) for a dramatic presentation, such as a theater, film, or television production; or
(4) for any other recreational purpose.
In our web catalog most badge are affected by this law as long as they are not obsolete or
of defunct or merged agencies.
Please be advised that unless you notify us in writing that you are unwilling to
abide by federal law #106-547, it is presumed by Westend Emblems, and
warranted by you that you will only use your baught law enforcement badge(s) in a manner
that is legally authorized under Federal Law #106-547. Thank you !